sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2016


Hi There,Friends!

In the middle of the seventies,in mix up with the pop rock hits,and the disco songs on the radio,my generation discovered something really important through the Rock 50'Revival:the amazing fifties. 
Magazines by this time,were also celebrating the rock n'roll triumph,telling the history of its beginning.Elvis,for sure,was a known name,but we could discover his roots,the artists that influence him to become the "king of rock n roll.
Then,Little Richard,Chuck Berry,Bill Haley & His Comets(what a amazing artistic name!)and also Del Shannon,Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly became a kind of sound that all of us started enjoying,even following at the same time,the hit parade of that age.

Taking a ride on the Rock 50 Revival,the Globo Television,from august of 1976 to february of 1977,released the novel"Estúpido Cupido"(name obviously taken of the song that was a great success in the fifties,and also recorded by Celly Campello,the golden girl of the brazilian rock in late fifties,to the sixties."Estúpido Cupido",brought more interesting things about all this amazing fifty atmosphere of rock n' roll:black leather jackets,all those skirts and lots of...grease.
So,after the blockbuster of 1977 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER,with the guy of the moment,John Travolta,we would find again all the fifty mood,in his first movie after that.Exactly GREASE!

Grease was more than a film.It was an advent,something that became a sweet and adorable memory,not only for the american people,but world wide.I could indicate lots of things,trying to bring this to the reason light,but,after all,everything we have,it's just the magic of some films,some characters and moments,that transform something simple,in great and extraordinary thing.That's what Grease is!

The charisma of John Travolta as Danny Zuko,the voice and sweetness of Olivia Newton-John as Sandy,the memorable performance of Stockard Channing as Rizzo,the Frenchy of Didi Conn,the Kenickie of Jeff Conaway and the sensational soundtrack.Everything on Grease,worked to keep this movie forever in the heart of the world.

The New  Grease Live Cast
Now,almost 40 years after,Grease keep truly being the word,since Fox Channel announced the production and transmission of the musical as live show,with more than two hours,in january 31.All across the globe,lots of people are curious and excited to see in a contemporary way,all those magic characters again.The interesting about it,is the history of this Broadway musical,that becames a well succeeded movie and almost forty years after its release,come back to the stage,in a live show.
This is the perfect moment to bring back after more than one year the sweet Dee G.Exactly taking advantage of her original cheerleader condition,to enhance her charm fifities.For sure some day,I will transform her,like Sandy turned herself in a sex bomb. But,for now I'm happy to see her in this mood of 50's,celebrating the eternal Grease flame in all of us.

                  WELCOME BACK,DEE G.

domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2016



2014 was an year where I gave an special,attention to my male dolls. And I did find,for some of them,new articulated bodies,organizing this way,my boys,letting all them articulated.The exception,is a great trouble:
"Tariq" Integrity  Toys.
In the truth,Tariq has in  
my opinion a more beautiful face than Darius Reid (still on  my wish list),this,
created no shadow of doubt,by his inspiration.
The interest,talking about Darius,is the body,all articulated,and,Ok,a charming face,too.
In terms of Tariq,he has the worse body(LOL)I ever seen for a doll.It's simply impossible create something good on his body,except,hide it.But,anyway all my boys now are defined as articulated,and that was the investment of 2014.

2015,brought a great surprise,being possible to free,five beloved dolls from their condition of Model Muses.It's a great number!
Especially because it was not planned.The opportunities were happening,in good moments to make it real.As result:smiles and satisfaction.Tammie,was finally a great pleasure!Never could accept the idea of a "Disco Doll" without movement...but her "skin tone" it's not easy for an articulated re-body.The same with Nina,"Cali Girl",and this kept her,for years,waiting the right moment...only some months ago,it happened.And Sybil,well,everybody already know how hot she is in new body.

But the most surprising,was the possibility to make a changing with another collector on a group of Facebook,interested in model muse bodies,giving in change,articulated collector bodies,well,it was the chance for Marie and Carla,this last,also spent a horrible time waiting for the chance to move.After all,it was not easy to find a body in her very special skin tone.One thing,I have as sure,they needed really to move.And for my interest on photography,this is a very important aspect.The chance to give them expression,hold attention and enchant by the movement.
Let's see what happen in 2016.Don't you think they deserved that?




sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2016



It's time to celebrate our hopes in the new year,and say goodbye to this difficult year all over the globe and especially in Brazil.
But I think it's very important think about a new year as a brand new opportunity to keep our eyes opened to the possibilities to build new things and most of all,even by this time of human history,keep the hope.

To send to all of you my wishes of a great 2016,in this last post of the year and already keeping a certain tradition of New Year's eve posting,here on Clicking Dolls,I introduce JAY R. 
My first contemporary black boy of Integrity Toys.
I have from this factory,a Tariq doll,that has an amazing face and a terrible body and none articulation (LOL!).I spent a great time searching for an opportunity to get a DARIUS (I still have him as a great wish) for me,but until these days I had no lucky. But suddenly, I had in this end of year, a magical chance to put this hot boy on my collection.

Jay R. is in the truth a 2015 Cinematic Convention Exclusive Doll - Tobias Alford.The Convention was held in last october.
And by the talented brazilian seller Luiz Schmidt owner of the virtual store Doll Collector.Com I could, for the first time acquire a doll at the same time it was released.
 A chance I never had before.For someone who lives out of USA is difficult get some dolls,and especially if the doll comes from a factory that doesn't exist out of USA as Integrity Toys. So in the case of Tobias, I had Lucky and I'm pretty happy with him. A hot guy,easy to photograph since he is absolutely handsome and expressive.With my last photos of 2015 I just want to say you all:


                               INTRODUCING: JAY R.

                                        HAPPY NEW YEAR!